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Employer Branding Numbers Everyone Should Know!

As experts in employer branding, we’re constantly researching the latest innovations and trends, and I’ve come across some recent recruiting studies that have some eye-opening findings. Think you don’t need an employer branding strategy? Read on.

The percent of employees, out of 19,000 surveys and exit interviews, who leave an organization for reasons other than money. In that same survey, 89% of employers said they believed that employees left only because of money! (The Saratoga Institute)

What this means for you: You can compete even if you can’t offer top dollar. Generations X and Y consider many other factors, including culture, perks, flexibility, and corporate responsibility. If offering average pay and benefits is scaring you from reaching out to prospects, rest assured that your organization probably has one or more other strengths that will impress them.

The percent of employees who would recommend jobs at their company to a close friend or family member — but employers say that only 23% of their employees participate in employee referral programs! (Bernard Hodes Group)

What this means for you: Organizations must do more to encourage their employees to refer talent. More than half your employees want to refer friends; they either don’t know how or don’t think about it when the opportunity comes. If you don’t have a referral program, you should create one. And if you have one, you should explore ways of getting information to your employees in a continuous, memorable way.

An employee referral program that Brandemix created for Kaplan

Percent of employees, from more than 1,700 organizations worldwide, who believe “it’s important that other people want to work for my employer.” (Employer Brand International)

What this means for you: Employer branding isn’t just for recruiting; it can help retain talent, too. Just as employees leave for reasons other than money, they also stay for reasons like reputation and pride in work. Even if your recruiting is going somewhat smoothly, employer branding can help keep your current employees satisfied and productive, lowering your overall hiring costs.

The percent of global employers, out of 632 surveyed, who believe that not having the right people had some effect on their companies’ losing business. (Universum EB Insights 2011)

What this means for you: Talent can be an unappreciated, overlooked, and under-funded resource. Some CEOs are familiar with cost-per-hire, but what about quality of hire? The wrong hire can cost more money than not hiring at all. In this economy, it may be easy to fill certain positions with warm bodies, but finding top talent who will lead the next generation of your company requires a compelling, differentiated message.

Image from Universum Employer Branding Insights 2011

The percent of employers, out of a survey of 175 HR, communications, and marketing professionals, who said they had no employer branding strategy. 51% had an established strategy and most of the others were in the process of developing or refining theirs.(Bernard Hodes Group)

What this means for you: You must have an employer branding strategy. Presuming that you are an “employer of choice” with no need to engage job-seekers is no longer an option. Ninety-seven percent of your competitors are communicating their mission, vision, values, culture, and benefits to your talent pool; you have to get in the game or you’ll give away the victory.

Interesting information, no? And here’s one more number: 33%. It’s the percent of companies that plan to increase their investment in employer branding. Are you one of them? Contact Brandemix for a free employer branding consultation.



A new nationwide Social Media study reveals surprising news: Talent Management professionals have been slow to take advantage of social media in their personal lives, which may indicate a reluctance to use the same channels for business. The survey, sponsored by BRANDEMiX, was conducted last month by the New Talent Management Network, a global network of more than 2500 talent management professionals founded by consultant, author, and speaker Marc Effron.

Not surprisingly, only LinkedIn stood out among the four major social media channels. Almost half of respondents stated that they posted on the professional network “at least a few times per month,” and 39% read information posted by others “more than a few times a week.”
However, when asked if LinkedIn influenced respondents purchasing decisions, only 25% said “yes.”

More than half of respondents stated that they used Twitter either “less than once a month” or “never.” Only 8% of respondents stated that they used Twitter “to keep current on talent management trends and developments.”

Similarly, while a third of respondents read other people’s Facebook pages “more than a few times a week,” 43% posted content on their own pages “less than once a week.” Another 13% “never” posted on their own pages.

As for YouTube, though 85% of respondents reporting watching others’ videos at least once a month, that same percentage also claimed that they “never” posted their own video content on the world’s second-largest search engine.

Compared to general human resources professionals, whose use of social media to engage job applicants has been steadily increasing, talent management professionals have yet to embrace these new channels. Even those in talent management who use social media are less influenced by its content and rely on it less for information than other populations in human resources. A copy of the complete survey can be downloaded here.


New study finds that talent management may be recession-proof as 77% of participating companies plan to increase or maintain spending levels.

As specialists in the branding of human resources initiatives, BRANDEMiX is proud of our partnership with the New Talent Management Network, the only free network of more than 800 Talent Management professionals.

Our initial work began with designing their new logo and website (www.newtmn.com), and we have just completed the production of their 2nd Annual State of Talent Management study, conducted in November and December 2008.

Be among the first to hear the results of the 2nd Annual Talent Management Survey
Download the Study

Register and participate in a free conference call to review the findings

DATE: February 18
TIME: 12 – 1pm EST
LOCATION: Virtual Event

During this session, you’ll hear:
:: The three key insights that emerged from the survey—and
their implications for talent management professionals
:: How the recession is impacting budgets—and what you can do about it
:: How talent management professionals rate themselves in core
competencies and where you stack up
:: Best practices that drive talent management effectiveness
:: What talent management professionals are paid, who they serve,
what they do and the future outlook for the profession

Our collaboration with the New Talent Management Network is directly tied to our commitment to both Human Resources professionals and employee development, and we’re proud to be part of an esteemed group leading the way.

Happy Groundhogs Day

BRANDEMiX Partners with New Talent Management Network, the First Free Global Network

Pardon us if we indulge in a little self promo to start the new year: Spoiler Alert- most of the embedded links will take you to our website.

New York, NY, January 09, 2008 — BRANDEMiX, the NYC-based communications consultancy known for innovative branding around human resources initiatives, today announced a partnership with the New Talent Management Network to brand the group’s work in standardizing and advancing the emerging field of talent management.

Under the partnership, BRANDEMiX will handle the association’s brand development. Work has already begun with the new logo and the launch of their new website (www.newtmn.com). Coming shortly will be findings from the second annual Talent Management survey.

NTMN is comprised of senior talent management professionals interested in improving talent management effectiveness through original research and professional development. According to a recent survey by Personnel Decisions International (PDI), CEOs revealed talent management as their second most pressing business challenge, after achieving top-line growth and before meeting financial objectives.

“BRANDEMiX’s involvement is extremely beneficial to our group,” says Marc Effron, NTMN founder and Vice President of Talent Management at Avon Products, Inc., “not only in building the NTMN brand, but also in developing the ongoing communications around best practices, something considered vital to implementing successful talent management strategies.”

“Our collaboration with the New Talent Management Network is directly tied to our commitment to both Human Resources professionals and employee development, says Jody Ordioni, President of BRANDEMiX. “Talent management will only continue to become more and more vital to a company’s success and we’re proud to be part of an esteemed group leading the way.” BRANDEMiX creates strategic advertising and internal communications campaigns to attract and inspire top talent. They work with both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.


BRANDEMiX is an independent marketing/communications company—a rare combination of talent and creativity dedicated to branding in support of human resources initiatives. Bridging the traditional gap between marketing, advertising, internal communications and Human Resources, BRANDEMiX creates consistent, relevant and brand-aligned messages across all print and interactive channels, forming a line of sight from strategy to employees, investors and consumers. Clients include many of the Fortune 500 as well as non-profit organizations in education, healthcare and social services.

Who Cares About Talent Management?

Maybe you’re as surprised as we are to see the results of a trend report on Talent Management culled by Google Search.

The US comes in 9th in average worldwide traffic generated by the phrase. Number 1 is Joannesburg, SA and the 5th most trafficked city is Las Vegas. (No doubt my impressive friends at Zappos at the head of the pack.)

Although the broad definition of talent management includes the general practice of recruiting, developing, deploying and retaining all employees across the organization- the term means different things to different people. In fact, some of the available information implies that organizations employ a software-based approach to the process— employing such outdated metrics as cost-per-hire and time-to-fill to measure success.

One group trying to make a difference in the field is the New Talent Management Network.

Founded by BRANDEMiX’s valued friend Marc Effron, VP Talent Management at Avon, the New Talent Management Network (NTMN) is a group of senior talent management professionals interested in advancing this field and is now more than 500 members strong.

They share three primary goals:
* Improve talent management effectiveness by conducting original research that benefits the TM community
* Coordinate opportunities for local, free networking among TM professionals
* Increase the capabilities of TM professionals and raise the bar for this profession

Unlike other talent networking groups, the NTMN is 100% free and all research and other features will always be free. If you have a Talent Management job to post— they’re always free.

The 2nd Annual Survey on the state of Talent Management is launching soon. If you’re one of the ones who cares (even if you’re not living in Las Vegas) sign up for the group and take the survey. Or download the results from last year’s survey. Or, read the executive summary of Talent Management Magazine’s January 08 State of the Industry report. soi_summary.pdf

At BRANDEMiX, we care about you.