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Focus Group Attendees Can Watch The Moving Object.

When I say Volvo you say ?
Safety, Right?

So does everyone else.

Clearly it was a case of a branding job done too well- that’s my summary of Volvo’s central focus group issue covered in BRANDWEEK’s recent article.

But instead of patting themselves on the back- they did something quite different- they called in a hypnotist to go deeper and get the TRUE feelings about the brand.

An interesting act following by interesting findings…

Post-hypnosis findings revealed that for some people- Volvo also represented “middle-aged.”

Apparently, unbeknownst to me, hypnosis has been taking off. Clients are looking to go deeper into the brand experience and get to the real emotional connection that consumers have with their products. Typically there are 8 attendees in each 2 hour session.

But, as the article states- there are also detractors to the process. Some question if the information is relevant at all. Marc Babej, partner with the consultancy Reason, New York, says: “I have a particular venom for this area. These subconscious attitudes have little to do with purchase decisions. Most consumers navigate the marketplace based on the tangible benefits of the product.”

As a facilitator of focus groups for our clients, I agree. When I ask my husband if by butt looks big in my jeans, should I hypntise him to get to the real truth of the matter or just accept his “no” as a man who recognizes the tangible benefits of being married.

I wonder if sodium pentothal is right around the cublcle?