The Most Popular BrandeBlog Articles of All Time

This blog recently celebrated its eighth birthday. That’s a lot of blog posts. I’d thought I’d go through the archives to find the most popular, shared, and retweeted articles. 

The winners include two Social Media Superstars, one Social Media PR Disaster, basic principles for good social media marketing, and a important employer branding statistics to share with your CEO.

The Top 5 BrandeBlog posts are:

Why Zappos is a Social Media Superstar
Our most popular blog post, here’s a look at how Zappos is using YouTube and Pinterest to revolutionize customer service.

Social Media Marketing Simplified
Ever come out of a social media marketing planning session with your head spinning? This new frontier has created all kinds of vague buzzwords. Surely posting 140 characters isn’t as complicated as all those words imply? Don’t let the jargon throw you. Marketing, branding, and selling on social media boils down to three basic questions.

Zappos and State Farm are social media champions

Four Things to Make Sure Your Boss Knows About Employer Branding
So you’re not Apple, Amazon, Deloitte, or Disney. Don’t despair. That doesn’t mean you can’t have an employer brand or employer value proposition of your own. Here are four things to tell your boss when you’re putting it into your annual budget.

Why State Farm is a Social Recruiting Superstar
After rebranding with its famous “Magic Jingle” commercials, State Farm Insurance has continued its transformation with a big push in social media and interactivity. Discover the three ways that State Farm engages job applicants like a superstar.

Social Media PR Disasters: #McDStories
They can’t all be superstars. This crisis illustrates that not even a corporate giant can control conversations on the internet. See how it all fell apart for a simple McDonald’s hashtag.

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