How to Make It Stick

Over the years, while the fundamental principals of marketing have generally remained the same, digital marketing has given us a gift we can use to our advantage.

Unlike print marketing, marketing across Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Stumbleupon, we can actually see our audience. We can get direct and immediate feedback from them. By clicking on their profile, we can tell if they are married, have kids, and where they grew up. Invasion of privacy? Maybe. Effective for marketing? Definitely.

By tracking the words your visitor is searching for and using them, you can increase traffic to your site. Then, wait and observe your audience’s behavior, and use that insight in order to maximize marketing techniques.

Trust me, it works. Make them realize your brand has a human and personal feel to it, and connect with them more.

Essentially, the best trick to make it stick is giving your audience what they want to see.

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