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Employee Retention in a Digital World

Employees join companies and leave managers. But how they leave is up to them. Conversations that were once shared with friends are now shared with friends, friends of friends and the world. And people, especially Gen Xers, discuss bad experiences almost 4x as much as good ones.

Here are 3 things you should be doing to make sure that your Employer Brand is thriving in a digital world:

Going Trendy on the Web

Today’s trends continue to strut their virtual stuff on the web. Keeping up with the social, mobile, and design trends that are taking the world by storm could actually reel in more potential clients and better employees than you’d think. If you’re thinking of redesigning, here are some things to keep in mind:

1. DESIGN TO YOUR DEMO: For the younger demographic (ages 18-30), minimalism is in; for the “older” ones (ages 30+) simple eases the hassle of finding exactly what they’re looking for without having to be redirected to different places.

2. HI, MY NAME IS: If simple is too simple for your company, there is an alternative; make it personal! First impressions are the most important so why not make one as soon as surfers see your site? Now, this doesn’t mean you need a full page biography about you or your company. Separate microsites that speak to a demographic, geographic or psychographic is a great way to engage your audience.

3. ROY G. BIV: Color is very important to a website. According to, color can really influence an audience. “Brands should choose their corporate color carefully. (To read the whole article click here!)

4. APPLY YOURSELF: Almost all cell phones today have the option of buying and downloading apps. Creating your own app is a great way to keep your company “hip to the jive”. If you design it, they will download. (If you need help, click here!)

Don’t be scared to get out there and get trendy. It’s easier than you think.

EMPLOYER VALUE PROPOSITIONS: Is it time for employers to switch from demands to offerings?

According to today’s Wall Street Journal, some firms are still struggling to hire despite high unemployment. While many of these firms seek hourly employees, and compete against extended unemployment benefits, others are looking for needles in haystacks. The more skilled the applicant, the more the business has to offer to them.

Looking to save some money? This is where the employer value propositions come in handy. In order for your business to attract (and keep) the best potential employees, here are some free things to keep in mind as you seek to influence behavior:

1. Quality of Leadership: The better your leadership in operating your company, the more attractive your business becomes because it’s successful. The more attractive your business is, the higher number of applications you will receive. The higher the number of applicants, the greater a chance of finding the perfect person for your company. Strong leadership is not only extremely beneficial to your company’s success, but it is also a big deciding factor for your future employees.

2. Reputation: With a good reputation comes the willingness for employees to work more for less. People want stability within their jobs and if you and your company can ensure security for potential candidates, your inbox will be flooded with talented people who will be fighting to work for you.

3. J.O.B: Just Offer the Best; the workspace is very important to an employee. If your employees aren’t comfortable with their environment, they’re less eager to do their job with the same quality and effort as if they were somewhere more pleasant.

4. Benefits and Rewards: Here is where you have to think like the employee and ask what about this company makes this the job right for me?” Whether its in the job description, brochure, or in the interview itself, if these questions should be answered without them having to ask; promote yourself!

What most employers don’t realize is that a poorly promoted Employment Value Proposition (EVP) costs them a significant amount of money each year, either through overpaying employees, costs of recruiting or not filling open positions.

Let BRANDEMiX help put your EVP to work for you.