Greatness is Timeless

Almost 13 years have gone by since Dr. John Sullivan blew me away with his article entitled “How To Hire The Next Michael Jordan.”

I read it in Fast Company in 1998 and I was reminded of it last week as I was conducting an Executive Interview with the President of a Company. He said he was concerned about his bench strength and worried about his team’s scouting capabilities.

Fortunately for me, this is 2010 and we have the internet and I found the article and re-read it and laughed because it still sounded new. That is a bad thing.

Here are just some of the insights.

From Coincidence Hiring to Continuous Hiring

What are the chances that the best person you’re seeking to hire is reading a job posting or newspaper or even looking for a job on the one day that you’ve selected to advertise. It’s a coincidence if you find someone. Hiring must be continuous.

 (I have adopted this mantra and paraphrased it until I now believe I invented it.


From More Money to “WOW”
Michael Jordan was underpaid. Engaged employees will work for less because of their passion and belief in what they’re doing.

From Interviews to Future Views

13 years ago John said that interviews were over– just tell the applicant what its like and make sure they’ll be a good fit. I call it culture-recruiting.

Find people that fit your culture by branding to your culture all the time.

Anyway, there are so many jewels here that it’s worth taking a fresh look. I wish I still looked that good after 13 years.

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