A New HR Metric- Your Employees, Your Fans

We’ve heard that employees are your greatest asset, your human capital, your discretionary investors- but are they also your fans?

Through Facebook, over 10 million users voluntarily connect with their favorite public figures, musicians and brands every day. (Lady Gaga already has more than 6 million fans and her fan base is growing by almost 100,000 each week.)

But while the coolness of the brand may open the door to fans, it’s not necessarily enough to keep them engaged. It’s all about adding value.

Isn’t the same is true for employees? While opportunities, salaries and benefits may be enough to keep applicants walking through the door, what would make them truly be a fan of your brand?

The ongoing and very public dialogues that you (through your company) have an opportunity to create with your employees, are also the way your brand might be judged by talented professionals that you are hoping to recruit and engage.

The extra time it takes to create these dialogues will come from the time you save sourcing and selling candidates on why they should accept your positions.

It’s the latest iteration of the testimonials “don’t ask us, ask our customers.”

And unlike a tv ad or billboard, it is digital and might be forever.

So, BRANDEMiX encourages you– ask your employees- “will you be our fans”?

If you’re looking for a strategy to unify your brand across web 2.0 media- call us.

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