The Convergence of Twitter, Google and Taxes- Just in Time for April 15

Intuit Is First Marketer to Have Its Tweets Streamed Across AdSense Network as Google Syndicates Twitter Tweets.

Google, through Adsense, is offering syndicated Tweets and Intuit is the first to jump on the virtual brandwagon. When a user clicks on an ad from Google, it takes them to TurboTax’s Twitter page.

The success metric seems to be the number of followers they get though, according to Seth Greenberg, director of Intuit marketing they are still trying to work out exactly what a Twitter follower is worth from a marketing point of view, such as whether people have a greater propensity to become a customer when they’re following a brand on Twitter or how valuable those customers are. But he’s sure one of the advantages to the tool is its network effect.”We’re not going to hard sell you on the product, but we want people to know there are lots of people here who can help answer your questions.”

According to Ad Age, the TurboTax ads are running during the last two weeks of tax season — crunch time for tax-prep marketers. Intuit did not disclose how much it spent on this particular buy or whether the unit was sold at a premium ad rate.

TurboTax spokeswoman Colleen Gatlin mans the Twitter account, along with her public-relations team and Christine Morrison, social-marketing manager at the company.

Now I don’t know about anyone else but BRANDEMiX is already a-twitter with the possibilities of launching this for “the insiders”

Brave volunteers needed. Call us.

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