Embracing Change the Integrated Way

Inspired by the fiscally responsible new President, the Swedish Ikea, the home products retailer kicked off an on-brand out-of-home ad campaign called “Embrace Change ’09” to honor President Barack Obama.

The integrated campaign includes out-of-home billboards featuring the “Embrace Change ‘09” slogan on local buses and trains. Ikea also held a “mock motorcade,” touring the D.C. area and strapped “furniture fit for a president” on top of vehicles to symbolize the incoming president and his family moving into their new home.

Other components include a site, www.embracechange09.com, where Ikea fans can design their own Oval Office using a drop-and-drag click tool, a $1,500 gift card giveaway to visitors who log onto the site and a mock-up of the office in the main hall of the Union subway station.

“We have never had an opportunity to do anything surrounding the message of change from a national standpoint,” Marston said, adding that Ikea seized a good branding opportunity. “[Obama’s] notion of change and his commitment to fiscal responsibility match the Ikea philosophy of practical and affordable home furnishings for all.”

Go to the site and decide how YOU would decorate the Oval Office- from there, you can actually email your design. Best of all, there’s still a chance to win $1,500.

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