BRANDEMiX Partners with New Talent Management Network, the First Free Global Network

Pardon us if we indulge in a little self promo to start the new year: Spoiler Alert- most of the embedded links will take you to our website.

New York, NY, January 09, 2008 — BRANDEMiX, the NYC-based communications consultancy known for innovative branding around human resources initiatives, today announced a partnership with the New Talent Management Network to brand the group’s work in standardizing and advancing the emerging field of talent management.

Under the partnership, BRANDEMiX will handle the association’s brand development. Work has already begun with the new logo and the launch of their new website ( Coming shortly will be findings from the second annual Talent Management survey.

NTMN is comprised of senior talent management professionals interested in improving talent management effectiveness through original research and professional development. According to a recent survey by Personnel Decisions International (PDI), CEOs revealed talent management as their second most pressing business challenge, after achieving top-line growth and before meeting financial objectives.

“BRANDEMiX’s involvement is extremely beneficial to our group,” says Marc Effron, NTMN founder and Vice President of Talent Management at Avon Products, Inc., “not only in building the NTMN brand, but also in developing the ongoing communications around best practices, something considered vital to implementing successful talent management strategies.”

“Our collaboration with the New Talent Management Network is directly tied to our commitment to both Human Resources professionals and employee development, says Jody Ordioni, President of BRANDEMiX. “Talent management will only continue to become more and more vital to a company’s success and we’re proud to be part of an esteemed group leading the way.” BRANDEMiX creates strategic advertising and internal communications campaigns to attract and inspire top talent. They work with both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses.


BRANDEMiX is an independent marketing/communications company—a rare combination of talent and creativity dedicated to branding in support of human resources initiatives. Bridging the traditional gap between marketing, advertising, internal communications and Human Resources, BRANDEMiX creates consistent, relevant and brand-aligned messages across all print and interactive channels, forming a line of sight from strategy to employees, investors and consumers. Clients include many of the Fortune 500 as well as non-profit organizations in education, healthcare and social services.

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