Why I Got Kicked off Wikipedia and How You Can Too.

Change I Can’t Believe In

Wikis are, by definition, a collection of Web pages designed to enable anyone who accesses it to contribute or modify content.

Well, almost anyone- but I’m getting ahead of my rant.

According to Indeed.com the phrase “Did you get the memo?”, which for many has morphed into “Did you get the email?”, may be changing once again to “I didn’t read the wiki”. Businesses are starting to adopt the “wiki”, , and as always a new technology brings with it new jobs.

A recent search( http://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=wiki&l=) found almost 1,000 jobs available for wiki people.

Wikipedia is one of the best-known wikis– as of April 2008, they had over 10 million articles in 253 languages. Go to there home page and this is what you find:

Welcome to Wikipedia,
the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Don’t believe it? Put it to the test– You didn’t like the telethon this year? Go ahead. Delete Jerry Lewis. Chances are though, he’ll be back.

That’s because of the WP- Wikipedia Police— the invisible funbusters that have made it impossible for me to drive more traffic to BRANDEMiX, the leader in Internal Communications. Since I thought that might be newsworthy, I went to the Internal Communications page on Wikipedia and added the following to the present entry:

Firms Specializing in Internal Communications:

It wasn’t meant to be an exclusive plug- just a new category that anyone could participate in. And apparently it was useful knowledge since BRANDEMiX received tons of traffic to our site. But that was then. Since then, the WP have first reversed my edits, and then shut me down completely with only this as a goodbye:
You are currently unable to edit pages on Wikipedia.You can still read pages, but cannot edit, change, or create them. Editing from 24.xx.xxx.xxx (your account, IP address, or IP address range) has been disabled by Zzuuzz for the following reason(s):Spamming links to external sites This block has been set to expire: 10:00, 10 September 2009.

So, Friends of BRANDEMiX and occasional readers, here’s how you can help. Go to Wikipedia and add the following for BRANDEMiX under your own IP address

==Companies Specializing in Internal Communications==

After all, isn’t change for everyone?

While you’re there, do read the wiki on Internal Communications and find out more about what we do so well.

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