Best Buy “Employee” Making Less Than Minimum Wage

In what might be an ideal situation for some employers, Best Buy has unveiled the perfect employee to Mall of America shoppers. He knows what to say, he shows up for work on time and doesn’t even need a lunch break.

For lack of a better name, I’ll call him Buzz.

When Best Buy wanted to create a buzz around their new store, they didn’t go the usual route and hand out flyers. instead, they created a digital hologram to attract attention.

Not everyone is as impressed as I am. Some comments from the advertising community:

It’s bad because who wants a holographic projection talking to you and you walk through the mall. It’s good because all you have to do is walk to the side of it and it disappears.”

“It’s only a matter of time now until Terminator-like robots patrol our nation’s food courts, gesturing menacingly with their whirring appendages, their fixed gaze wordlessly urging you to check out the new Sears bathmat sale at the price of your life.”

“Creepy. I would punch this thing if he started following me.”

But for BRANDEMiX, we see the potential in delivering rote material in an exciting way, using the latest in digital technology.

  • Imagine holding orientation where you can see and hear the CEO everywhere, every day.
  • Imagine showing up for your first day at work and meeting your mentor.
  • Imagine holding a job fair where hiring managers could “sell” candidates on the Employer Brand.
  • Imagine someone calling me for more details about how to clone their “best” employees!

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