Crest Brushes Up Tagline with Help from YouTube

Obviously P&G didn’t read my blog post from 12/3/07 from or they would know that the tagline is dead. In another example of how brands are trying to engage with consumers, use social media and save money from ad agency fees:

With the introduction of its fourth flavor, Wintergreen Ice, Crest is asking YouTube fans to come up with the brand’s new slogan.

From Sept. 15 through Oct. 17, consumers can submit videos featuring their take on the brand in 10 words or less. The winning phrase will be incorporated in upcoming TV spots advertising the new flavor.

TV spots running next month show Chef Emeril Lagasse and a panel of judges evaluating contestants as they perform their catch phrase American Idol-style. “We’re looking for the best catch phrase for Crest Whitening Expressions “.

This isn’t really that newsworthy. In addition to Crest’s contest, there are several others you can participate in. Don’t believe me? Just go to YouTube, click on Community and see for yourself.
The implications in the world of human resources can be fun– BRANDEMiX suggests your next employee referral can be your employee AND their referral selling themselves on their attributes. Need to understand your Employee Value Proposition? BRANDEMiX suggests you follow new hires from their interview through onboarding and then check back in with them in 60, 90 and 120 days. (With their consent of course.)

Contests and prizes have a way of building teams, bonding people and sharing love.

If you have no plans for next week’s Labor Day slowdown- maybe you want to get out the video camera. In fact, I gotta go- Nestle’s might give me $10,000

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