Bang Bang. So you want to be a rock star.

Don’t look now, the agency handling the recruitment for the National Guard is targeting you Mr. Fisherman.

Does anyone else find the concept of Branding the National Guard as Rock Stars a bit of a disconnect?

In August, the US Army National Guard will launch a mobile marketing campaign, supported by outreach to local media, to sign up recruits at various music festivals and other outdoor events.

Developed and executed by RedPeg Marketing on behalf of prime contractor Docupak, the “Rock Star Hero Challenge,” as the campaign is called, features a tour bus with 52-inch touch screen displays that allow potential recruits to see and participate in virtual missions.

Interactive kiosks where visitors can pose with images of rock bands will sit outside the buses, tying into the musical nature of the events and emphasizing the figurative “rock star” quality of Army National Guard members. The National Guard is currently on track to meet its recruiting goal for 2008.

Since 2005, it has increased its “end strength” total from 330,000 to 380,000.

“Recruiters will know about the events [in advance] and pre-market them,” said RedPeg president and CEO Brad Nierenberg. “The events will be a way to engage with consumers who haven’t considered the National Guard before now.” Day said that recruiting is typically done on a local, grassroots level, with recruiters attending any large event where its “target demographic” might be found.

“The interactive nature makes the ‘Rock Star Hero’ different and will appeal to our demographic’s thirst for technology,” Day said.

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